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    coriander dania farm kenyaBy John Matava

    Coriander/dhania farming is a great side hustle to make extra cash. It is an all year round, fast growing crop that takes about four to six weeks to mature. For an acre of land, a farmer will require 500 grams of seeds at a cost of Sh1000. From these, he/she will harvest between 600 to 800 kilograms of ready dhania and sell at an average price of Sh53 per kilogram,earning between Sh26,500 and Sh42,400 per harvest. 

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    IMG 20200625 WA0019By John Matava

    Adoption of the modern langstroth bee hive, which has vertically hung frames, allowing three times the storage capacity that the circular long hive offers, has seen Ezekiel Mumo triple his yields from harvesting 10kgs of honey to 30kgs per hive, each season. Consequently, his income has tripled to Sh15,000 from Sh5,000 as the farm price for each kilo gram is Sh500. Now, with a capacity of 35 hives, Ezekiel earns Sh525,000 every season.

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    IMG 20200416 WA0012By John Matava

    Mushroom farming earns well, but the easy-to-grow oyster mushrooms that most Kenyan farmers favour earn around Sh100 per 1/4 kilo, whereas the more complicated button mushrooms earn Sh1,000 per kilo, more than twice as much.

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