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    NaspatiBy John Matava

    Choosing pear trees takes attention in Kenya because many require a cold season. But choose a variety that can thrive with a lesser cold season and a pear tree can earn Sh5,400 a season and more than Sh1m from an acre of trees.

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    pexels photo 70862

    By John Matava

    Blueberry has emerged as a leading health food with farmers reporting they can earn up to Sh8m a year per acre of blueberry bushes.A single blueberry bush produces up to 5 kg, with a single kilo trading in the market for around Sh1, 600. An acre can accommodate more than 1000 plants spaced 6 feet apart. Once the bushes start producing fruit, they moved into continual harvest for the bushes’ lifetime, which is 8 to 10 years.

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    PEP0058 A hBy John Matava

    An acre of Pepino Melon plants, which mature in three months, can provide farmers with fruits worth Sh20,000 a week for the next 4 1/2 years, with each plant delivering up to eight fruits a month, generating 200 kgs a week selling at Sh100 per kg.

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