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    Farmer making a kill out of his indigenous animals

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    James Rioba Chacha attending to his cow. He milks his six cows twice a day making 12 litres of milk daily.

    Seven years ago, James Rioba Chacha bought a young female Borana cow from Olgorian, Masai Mara at KSh 8000. He raised it but it died seven months after giving birth to a female calf. Somewhat discouraged to have lost his money, Chacha raised the calf as his only hope.

    Today the young calf has grown into a big and healthy cow giving birth to many calves.

    When Farmbiz Africa visited him early August this year at his home in Kuria West Isebania division, Chacha was busy attending to his cow which had just given birth for the twelfth time.

    The cow he named Safina is always given special treatment because to him it has brought hope. It is also the parent of his many animals he owns today.

    “When I bought her mother there was nothing promising out of it because it looked small and unhealthy but died and gave birth to a golden calf which has now given me full return of my money and bonuses,” said Chacha as he attends to his cow.

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    Currently Chacha is milking five cows besides Safina. He milks them twice a day each giving him two litres of milk translating to 12 liters of milk per day.

    He says this is not an easy work but being with three wives and children helps in milking and general labour.

    “I have allocated each house task as far as my farm management is concerned giving me chance for supervision and visiting experts for advice,” said Chacha.

    The increasing population in Sirare town in Kenya, Tanzania border provides rich market for Chacha’s milk and other farm produce. He sells a litre liter of milk at Sh60 making Sh720 daily and Sh5, 040 in one week.

    His mature bulls weighing between 300 to 445 kg are sold at Sh50, 000 during normal months and Sh75, 000 during festive months like December.

    In a year he sells at least a bull. This added with the money from milking the cows, gives him approximately Sh1.8 million per year.

    With the advice received from an agro firm called Nuru International, Isebania branch, Chacha is able to feed well his cows out of sweet potatoe vines, napier grass and maize sucks.



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