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    FarmBiz TV:Homabay farmer ditches amaranth for Chia making Sh60k in 3 months.

    chia seeds salvia hispanica 500x500By John Matava

    Homabay farmer Philip Odhiambo is earning Sh60,000 every three months from Chia, which is twice as much as he was earning from the same plot down to amaranth.Philip used earn Sh30,000 per harvest from the amaranth, which takes two months to mature. However, in 2017, he switched to chia farming after realising the strength of its prices, short maturity period and nutritious benefits.From an acre he gets an average 400kgs that retail and at Sh150 per kilo to earn Sh60,000. He could  earn three fold by selling to the international market where a kilo goes for Sh600 to Sh1200.

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