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By Farmbiz | Fri 18 May, 2012

Farmbizafrica is a farmers' news website that was launched in April 2010 to satisfy the thirst for information for farmers who have realised the impressive returns that lie in the farming and agrobusiness. The information herein is benchmarked against best practice in the International market.It is a flagship news site of African Laughter, a Kenyan new media company launched in 2007.

At African Laughter, we believe in the deepening of the country's middle class as critical to take off and that our role in the media is to empower Kenya's educated younger generation in earnings, options and lifestyle by delivering the highest quality of accurate, current and relevant information.



Bob Koigi- Is a multi award winning journalist and is the editor of Farmbizafrica. He has a passion for business journalism and holds a degree in Journalism and Media studies. He is a seasoned writer. With a bubbly personality and a keen eye for detail he is well versed in farming news as he is also a practising farmer.


Julius Odera- An ardent reader, Julius is a writer at Farmbizafrica and a farmer at heart. He studied Mass Communication at Makerere University and has practised business & ICT Journalism with various media houses in the Pearl of Africa. He brings to the team variety and experience all the way from Uganda. Julius is a free spirited young man that brings life to Farmbizafrica.


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