Virtual warehouse allows farmers timely access to inputs

A virtual warehouse is assisting agro input companies conveniently reach farmers saving them cost and time at a time when delayed farmer access to farming materials has been blamed for delayed planting and ultimately poor harvest. Dubbed iProcure the innovation is already being used by seve[...]


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Milk container spares farmers milk spillage woes
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

A unique plastic container that prevents milk spillage due to its designs while easily spotting Mastitis in cows is set to revolutionise dairy farming at a time when poor milk handling has been blamed [ ... ]

Backyard fish farms increase household incomes
Bob Koigi for Farmbizafrica

Maurice Okoth, has been a fisherman in Lake Victoria for the last three decades. But dwindling stocks and strict fishing rules by the government has seen his fortunes and earnings dip in the last few  [ ... ]

New maize variety triples yields,withstands harsh weather
Bob Koigi for Farmbizafrica

Smallholder farmers over reliance on seed varieties from as early as 1930’s has been blamed for the continued yield dip which has further fanned the hunger cycle, but private companies are coming to [ ... ]

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