Foot and Mouth factsFoot and Mouth facts
03 Aug 2015 11:46 - By Victor Amadala for Farmbiz Africa

Foot and mouth disease sometimes referred to as hoof and mouth disease is an infectious an [ ... ]

New platform that allows farmers to use Grains as collateral for loans launchedNew platform that allows farmers to use Grains as ...
31 Jul 2015 10:10 - Written by BM Senior.

The East African Grain Council (EAGC) has been looking for a method of protecting grain fa [ ... ]

Alex Otieno, who had stayed for five years without a job now earns Sh480,000 every year after finding the magic in cassava root which he has been adding value to and...

A section of mango farmers in the country are using low cost plastic bottles as traps to fight the notorious fruit flies responsible for over...

Tephrosia Vogelii is a herb long used by pastoralists to fight ticks in their livestock that is now moving into the mainstream as interest rises in local and organic...


Expensive greenhouses inspire low cost innovations
By Farmbiz Africa - Monday, 03 August 2015
harun picAs demand for greenhouses in the country grows, buoyed by more agripreneurs delving into new age farming, local innovations are also mushrooming to provide a low cost alternative to the highly priced ones. Greenhouse makers and companies have traditionally relied on imported materials like steel gutters, films and panels which are highly priced, with the makers of the greenhouses on passing the cost to the customers. An average eight by 30 meters greenhouse cost above Sh200000 but local makers are managing to make the same sized greenhouse at even Sh50000 a phenomenon th...Read more...



Livestock association gives sector face lift

Over 700,000 livestock farmers across the country now counts on improved breeds, easier access to finance and structured markets thanks to an association that is streamlining the value chain at a time when demand for livestock products is at unprecedented highs. The association, the Keny [ ... ]


Farmers boost yields with new climate smart push pull

Kenyan farmers are among East African farmers who have adopted a new climate smart push pull technology by growing the Greenleaf desmodium alongside the drought tolerant Brachiaria cv Mulato grass near maize fields taming the voracious stem borer by 95 per cent while harvesting two and hal [ ... ]


Kenya steps up to UN year of soils

Kenya is among countries rolling out transformatory soil conservation and fertility exercises following years of degradation and nutrient mining that has taken a toll on yields as the World marks 2015 as the United Nations international year of soils. According to the UN, soils are cruci [ ... ]


Kieni farmer earns 5x more withAloe vera

In the semi arid Kieni area of Nyeri County, one farmer has digressed from maize growing to cultivating and adding value to aloe vera plant, laughing his way to the bank as maize farmers struggle with meager yields. Due to the dry nature of the area, traditional food crops like maize and  [ ... ]