Farmers bake fortunes with rice cakes and soapsFarmers bake fortunes with rice cakes and soaps
04 Jul 2015 06:28 - farmbizafrica

A farmer group in Kisumu is earning extra income by making cakes and soaps from broken ric [ ... ]

Bomet farmer champions low cost zero grazing modelBomet farmer champions low cost zero grazing model
04 Jul 2015 06:26 - farmbizafrica

A smallholder dairy farmer in Bomet is inspiring fellow farmers to embrace low cost zero g [ ... ]

Citrus farmers in Kenya and Tanzania are set to benefit from a project that seeks to embrace alternative...

At 24 years, Harun Munuve has constructed over 40 greenhouses for his clients and built a horticultural produce powerhouse with his tomatoes alone...


Farmer group shakes market with rabbit pillows
farmbizafrica - Sunday, 05 July 2015
rabbit pillowA farmer group in Vihiga is earning up to Sh500,000 monthly from sale of rabbit pillows and wallets, hedging themselves from a glut in supply of rabbit meat and crop failure as a result of failed rains. The group, Vihiga Rabbit Breeders, involves farmers brought together by common woes in crop production. Initially, the farmers grew common crops like maize, beans and other cereals. But farms in the area started yielding less with each subsequent harvest. Over application of chemicals took its toll on the soils making them acidic. But even with the little yield the farmer...Read more...



Bomet farmer champions low cost zero grazing model

A smallholder dairy farmer in Bomet is inspiring fellow farmers to embrace low cost zero grazing to increase milk production and tame disease spread, at a time when limited pasture has seen most farmers   graze their animals outside. Scenes of cows and goats grazing in paths and [ ... ]


Online tool enables farmers predict weather patterns

Smallholder farmers and seed companies are now able to predict weather conditions for up to eight days, informing their planting seasons, thanks to an online tool that sends them climate alerts. The weather management tool known as awhere weather was first developed in US by John Corbett  [ ... ]


Moth threatens Kenya’s Sh14b capsicum market

A brownish grey moth is threatening Kenya’s capsicum market, valued at Sh14billion with consignments meant for exports having been intercepted, even as neighbouring Uganda suffers an export ban on the same. The pest known as False Codling moth (FCM) is indigenious to Africa and is know [ ... ]


Young agrippreneur spurs dairy farming with online plat...

A young agripreneur has launched an online market place that is assisting players in the dairy sector buy and sell goods and services online, a venture that has not only pointed farmers to cheaper alternatives, but credited with the rising uptake of dairy farming. Victor Otieno aged 27 a [ ... ]