Advanced rainwater harvesting to boast food production in Africa
By Victor Amadala for Farmbiz Africa - Tuesday, 06 October 2015
There is a close relationship between sustainable food production and irrigation. A comparison between Kenya and Egypt, for instance, shows that despite being a desert country with a 90 per cent of the country relying on irrigation water for farming, Egypt still produces more food than Kenya. FAO says that the northern Africa country has increased food production by 20 per cent in the last decade. The total cultivated area is 7.5 million acres. A study by the International Food Policy Research Institute cites poor irrigation and weak water management systems and poor tec...Read more...

Agency helps farmer groups get credit with produce...
02 Sep 2015 11:07 - By Victor Amadala for Farmbiz AfricaAgency helps farmer groups get credit with produce on their farms as collateral

SCOPEinsight, amultinational rating agency supported by the Netherlands Embassy which has rolled out a formula that identifies the strengths and weakness of agricultural cooperatives, link them to NGO [ ... ]

Row as Kenyan claims his famous biogas invention w...
21 Aug 2015 15:03 - Brian Moseti Snr.Row as Kenyan claims his famous biogas invention was stolen by German

An article published on BBC glorifying an invention by Katrin Puetz has stirred controversy after a Kenyan, Dominic Wanjihia, emerged to claim the idea. The article tells the story of how Ethiopians  [ ... ]

NYS urban farming projects provoke the youth to th...
18 Aug 2015 17:09 - By Victor Amadala for Farmbiz AfricaNYS urban farming projects provoke the youth to think outside the box

The urban upgrading initiative, championed in the country by the National Youth Service (NYS), has seen several agricultural demonstration sites erected in Nairobi’s informal settlements. This has h [ ... ]


Seed selection tool for Kenyan farmers goes live

Informed by the need to guide farmers on proper seed choice, the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) in partnership with the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) have developed an online application, MbeguChoice, which already boasts a database of ove [ ... ]


Sorghum value addition opens new frontiers for Kenyan f...

 The Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organization, KALRO, is championing the value addition of sorghum, especially making of sorghum sausages as farmers record success in growth and market for the crop. Sorghum has been one of the most successful crops in adoption across th [ ... ]


School children to learn about soil using new education...

Kenyan children are among those set to benefit from a new set of materials that explain the importance of soil in crop production. This is as nations target children in the role they play as future food producers. The learning materials, branded Dig It; the secrets of soils, are an initia [ ... ]


There is a new way of buying and selling cows in Kenya,...

Of all the things that people sell in online spaces, cows are the probably among the least expected. But there is a sizeable audience out there of people who log onto their computers and wander around looking to buy or sell cows. But even as specialty groups spring up on facebook, with [ ... ]